Pluto1.5 2D Synthetic Dataset

November 30, 2000

The Subsalt Multiples Attenuation and Reduction Technology Joint Venture (SMAART JV) is releasing to the industry and universities the 2D elastic synthetic dataset referred to as Pluto 1.5.  This dataset has been previously distributed to various contractors to test multiple suppression algorithms on a proprietary basis.  The current release allows anyone to use the data and to publish the results under the conditions described in the Data Release Agreement

The 2D model has been designed to replicate the structural and stratigraphic seismic response from a Gulf of Mexico deep water sub-salt prospect.  The elastic properties incorporated into the model have been derived from well data. Along with several variously shaped salt bodies, faulting and hydrocarbon saturated zones are also incorporated into the model.  This release includes density, compressive and shear velocity grids that define the model.  It also includes all traces of the split-spread shot records that we generated, including zero offset. Specific details of the construction and numeric computation model are described in the attached Pluto1.5 Distribution file. The model can and has been used for several types of wave-field investigations.  These include multiple suppression, depth imaging and amplitude vs. offset analyses.  The SMAART JV hopes to promote additional work in these areas as well as others by releasing the model. 

For more details see the Pluto1.5 Distribution file, the Pluto1.5 Reflection Coefficient image and the Paper presented at the 2001 EAGE Conference.

This release is available via the Smaart Data Administrator. Contact the Smaart Data Administrator for prices.

To obtain the data, sign the Data Release Agreement (PDF file) and mail it to Henry den Bok.

Delft University of Technology
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Acoustical Wavefield Imaging
attn. Henry den Bok
P.O. Box 5046
2600 GA Delft, The Netherlands.

To contact the Smaart Data Administrator, send email to Henry den Bok

We hope you will find the data useful for current and future research.

Henry den Bok
Smaart Data Administrator