Publicly Released 'SMAART' Data Sets, available to the Geophysical Industry:

( In cooperation with TNO and DELPHI )

1. Pluto 1.5     Pluto 1.5 is an elastic dataset released in November 2000, that contains realistic free surface and internal multiples over a structure that is relatively easy to image.

2. Sigsbee 2A     Sigsbee 2A is an constant density acoustic dataset released in September 2001, that does not contain free surface multiples and almost no internal multiples due to very low contrast water bottom, but it is over a sub-salt structure that is difficult to image.

3. Sigsbee 2B FS

4. Sigsbee 2B NFS

Sigsbee 2B - Free Surface (FS) and Sigsbee 2B - No Free Surface (NFS) use the same structural model as Sigsbee2A but the velocity contrast at the water bottom has been increased to a normal level thus generating significant internal and FS multiples. These datasets are released in October 2002. The Sigsbee2B dataset is featured in paper SP3.8 "Observations from the Sigsbee2B synthetic dataset" at the 2002 SEG meeting in Salt Lake City.

5. Ziggy     Ziggy is a simple 3D numeric model, which like the Sigsbee datasets, is modeled after salt structures on the Sigsbee scarp in the Gulf of Mexico. The model is roughly 40 km E-W by 50 km N-S by 10 km deep. There is no synthetic data to accompany this model.

For further information contact the SMAART Data Administrator Henry den Bok


(Subsalt Multiples Attenuation And Reduction Team)

An Oil Industry Joint Venture consisting of BHP Billiton, BP and ChevronTexaco

Completed their research joint venture in October 2002.